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back massage specialists

All hands are in to help the customer feel better spiritually and mentally

Nature of Massage is fortunate to have many talented therapists from whom you can choose. Each is licensed by the state of Connecticut, and together, represent a wide range of training, experience, and interests. They are all excellent therapists who believe in massage as a powerful tool for healing.

If you have questions about which therapist to select, please don’t hesitate to call us. Schedule a consultation at no charge and meet with a therapist to discuss your specific situation and goals.

Only you can decide which therapist is the best match for you. Sample the massage of all of our therapists to find the one or more whose style feels best to you. Each therapist has their own unique style and approach to massage techniques. This happens naturally as we become influenced by different teachers and experiences. Your massage from each of our therapists will be uniquely theirs.

Each therapist customizes their massage session to reflect your preferences. We listen to what you tell us: how you’re feeling, what you’re hoping for from today’s session, any special requests that you have for today’s session. Each therapist adapts their techniques to be safe and appropriate for you. We always adjust pressure and positioning in consideration of your physical condition. Your massage will always be a massage that is safe for you to receive.

It’s okay to change therapists. Some of our clients prefer to see the same therapist on each visit; some clients rotate appointments among two or three or more therapists. Whatever is comfortable for you is comfortable for us, however, no tipping, please.