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Reap the benefits of massage as it helps all your body’s natural systems function efficiently. Massage is effective in relieving a broad spectrum of symptoms.

People with a wide variety of conditions, ranging from insomnia to tendinitis to asthma to high blood pressure, receive relief from therapeutic massage.

Massage can help us feel less stressed, boost our immune system and increase our mental alertness.

Studies have shown massage to reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure, increase blood circulation and the flow of lymph, relax muscles, improve range of motion and increase the body’s natural painkillers.

The most immediate and most noticeable response to massage is relaxation. Not only does relaxation feel wonderful but it also serves an important physiological purpose: when your body relaxes, the functions that heal and restore your body are allowed to take place.

Your muscle tension releases, blood flow and hemoglobin levels increase, cellular nourishment and detoxification accelerate, lymphatic flow improves. Your stress and anxiety levels decrease, your immune system is stimulated, body awareness improves, mental alertness increases and depression diminishes. A sense of wellbeing emerges.

Massage and energy healing treatments can sometimes stimulate the release of emotional energy that has been held within the body (presenting as, but not limited to tears, laughter, a profound sense of relief), providing an opportunity for emotional healing to take place.

Make Massage a Habit

As with exercise, massage has the greatest benefit when you receive it regularly. The more “practice” you give your body’s systems at functioning in a stress-free and efficient manner, the more “skilled” your body becomes at functioning optimally under challenging circumstances.

Whether weekly, semi-weekly, or monthly, a program of regular massage will help your body maintain its overall health.