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At Nature of Massage Gift Cards are given special treatment:

  • Unless otherwise noted, please allow 2-3 days for Gift Card processing.
  • Gift Cards can be ordered and prepaid at our online Gift Shop or by making a phone or an email request.
  • Gift Cards can be for any dollar amount or any number of bodywork treatments.
  • Online Gift Card purchases are processed via a Pay Pal portal although a Pay Pal account IS NOT required.
  • Pre-paid Gift Cards are emailed to you.

Redeeming A Gift Card:

  • A Gift Card has no expiration date, but must be physically presented at time-of-service.
  • Nature of Massage is not responsible for and cannot honor lost or stolen Gift Cards.
  • Please contact us via phone or email to make an appointment redeeming a Gift Card providing the following information: 1) recipient name; 2) description of services; 3) issue date; 4) order number.
  • A Gift Card will revert to its monetary amount if it is: 1)over one year old, 2)redeemed for a different time increment; 3) redeemed for a different service.
  • A Gift Card is non-refundable.
  • A Gift Card may be given to another person to use in its original form. A re-issue fee of $15 will apply to change the name on a Gift Card.
  • A Gift Card may not be used for purchasing other Gift Cards or merchandise.
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