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Our Philosophy

We believe that the power of touch is one of the greatest medicines, and that our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects are all nourished by frequent and regular doses of this all-pervading medicine.

Our Philosophy

Therapeutic Massage in a Soothing, Natural Environment

Nature of Massage is a unique therapeutic massage destination in Cheshire, CT, where you’ll feel sheltered in a world apart.

Nature of Massage wooden sign

Whether your goal is to improve and maintain your general health, to obtain relief from pain, to manage stress, to support your fitness activities, or to savor a time of relaxation and sense of well-being, at Nature of Massage you will discover a personal sanctuary for body, mind, and spirit, in an environment that is both calming and uplifting.


A World Apart

  • Right from the beginning, Nature of Massage was meant to be more than just a massage practice, but rather a total environment – images, sounds, textures and aromas that would feel comfortable from the moment of stepping inside. The fabulous barn wood siding and old stone fireplace that were already there inspired the “natural materials” decor theme throughout the house. Applying the principles of Feng Shui and the Five Elements of Chinese philosophy, the interior came alive with fountains (Water), stones (Earth), carved wooden screens and reed ceiling covers (Wood), lanterns, lamps, and candles (Fire), and wrought iron accents (Metal).

    Lloyd Carter
    NOM Founder & Creative Director